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2021/9/6 Shapes(形)

Topic: Shapes

題: 形


The summer holidays have ended and we are back in class! I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time away from work or school. I was personally stuck inside for most of the summer holiday period.

However! I was able to go to Expo City with my family and visit a zoo/aquarium call “Nifrel”.

We had a lot of fun and were able to see many different types of animals and fish.

夏休みが終わって、みんなクラスに戻ってきたね!みんな仕事や学校から離れて楽しい時間を過ごすことができたよね。僕自身は 夏休みのほとんどを家のなかで過ごしていたよ。

“でも!“ 家族と一緒にエキスポシティに行って “ニフレル”って言う生きているミュージアムに行って来たよ。



Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases our classes were a little different today and was only able to teach the youngest students. To be extra safe, instead of combing our regular two classes, we kept them separate to keep the student number low.



I still had a great time and felt the students really liked the lesson too!

僕は 素敵な時間を過ごせたし、生徒たちもレッスンが本当に好きだと感じたよ!


For today’s lesson, we began by talking about our summer vacations. The students I asked replied with a big “楽しかった”. I am hoping next time they can reply in English!

今日のレッスンでは、夏休みについて話しをすることから始めました。僕が尋ねた生徒たちは “とても” “Tannosikatta (楽しかった)”って答えてくれました。僕は 彼らが次の時には英語で答えてくれることを期待してます。


Our morning song covered parts of our routine vocabulary, including phrases such as: “Hello!” “How are you?” “I’m wonderful!” “I’m not so good.”

It was fun and simple and I could see everyone getting involved. Which was great to see!

朝の歌は いつもの語彙の一部をカバーしていました。例えば、”Hello” や “How are you?” や “気分いいよ“ や “ちょっと良くないんだよ”の様なフレーズ。


Once we finished our song I tested as many students as I could by asking them how they were.

Students would then answer accordingly. We focused on the grammar structure “I am… (happy/sad/angry/hungry).

歌を唄い終えてから、僕は できるだけ多くの生徒に どうだった?って質問をしました。

そして、子供たちは答えてくれました。僕たちは、“I am (僕は/わたしは・・・です)… (happy (幸せ)/sad (悲しい)/angry(怒り)/hungry(空腹))”の様な文法的構造に焦点を当てました。


Before we got into our main topic, the class stood up and we played a quick game of “Simon says” to keep everyone’s energy level high.

メイントピックを始める前に、子供たちは立ち上がって、テンションを高くしたままにするために ”Simon says (サイモンセッズ)”っていうゲームで遊びました。


Each shape was then introduced via flash card and students were asked to find these shapes around the classroom (objects such as fans, clocks and so on). Once everyone was comfortable with today’s target vocabulary… It was game time!

フラッシュカードで それぞれの形が表示されて、子供たちは 扇風機、時計などの教室にあるそれぞれの形を探す様に子供たちに求めました。


Today’s game was a variation of an old card game called “snap”. Each class was split into two teams: team 1 and team 2. Both teams were to line-up in a vertical line at opposite sides of the classroom and face each other. The flash cards are then placed in the center of the classroom in between each team.

One at a time, the students face each other as I call out the name of one flash card. The first student to touch that card would win and a point would be awarded. That student would then run to the back of the line and the game would continue until each team finished!

今日のゲームは 古くからある “Snap (スナップ)”って呼ばれるゲームが変化したものです。

子供たちが二つのチームに分かれて; チーム1とチーム2とう風に。

両方のチームは 教室の反対側で向き合って、縦に並びます。


僕がカードの名前を読み上げ。一人づつ子供たちは お互い向き合います。



Today was one of my favorite lessons with the younger ones of the year so far. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future!

今日は 小さい子供たちと一緒にする僕の大好きなレッスンの一つだった。近い将来 また再びみんなと会うことを楽しみにしているよ。


Thanks for reading!


Sam サム



Today’s lesson vocabulary


Question: What is this?

質問: これは何ですか?

Answer: It’s a…

答え: これは…です。

  • Sqaure 四角
  • Circle  円形
  • Heart ハート  
  • Triangle 三角


Routine vocabulary  いつもの語彙

How are you?  お元気ですか?

I’m OOOO    私は 〇〇〇〇です。

  • Happy  幸せ
  • Sad   悲しい  
  • Angry  怒っている
  • Scared  怖い
  • Tired   疲れた・飽きた
  • Hungry  空腹
  • Thirsty  喉が渇いた






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