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2021/5/17 Animals(動物たち)

We are back from the Golden Week holiday! I hope everyone was able to take a rest during that time. I had fun but I was happy to come back and see everyone again!

Today was a very rainy day and I got very wet on my way to Choyo Kindergarten! It seems rainy season has arrived already.

Today we began the lesson by warming our voices up and singing our good morning (good, good, good, good morning).
After our song we did our routine vocabulary and everyone did great! It is always nice to see everyone doing their best to sing the words.

Our main topic today was different types of animals and we played two games to help remember their names.
For the first game, the students we shown a picture of an animal and were asked if it was correct one e.g. “is this a cow? Yes it is – no it isn’t”.
The students would then have to line up behind the O or X to signal their answer.

For the second game, we played the classic game 4 corners. This is a game where 4 different flashcards are placed in each corner of the room. Music is then played as everyone dances around the room. As soon as the music stops, everyone must quickly choose the closest corner to them and stand there. The winner is decided by a randomly selected matching card. Repeat!

Overall, I was very impressed with everyone (especially after a long break). I was happy to see a lot of the students knew at least a few of the English names for the animals prior to the lesson.
I will cover these animals again in the future to make sure everyone remembers them and can say their names out loud with confidence!

Until next time and remember… *Practice makes perfect!

*an English phrase that means if you practice, you will get better.


Today’s lesson vocabulary

Question: What is this?

Answer: It’s a OOOO

  • Panda
  • Elephant
  • Deer
  • Dog
  • Monkey
  • Gorilla


Routine vocabulary

How are you?


  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Scared
  • Tired
  • Hungry
  • Thirsty


How is the weather today?


  • Sunny
  • Rainy
  • Windy
  • Cloudy
  • Stormy





今日、僕たちは発声練習をしたり、おはようの歌 (good, good, good morning♪)を唄ったりしてレッスンを始めたね。

例えば、これは牛かな?  はい、そうだよ – いや、違うよ、という風に。
そして、君たちは 線を跨いで正しい答えがある “〇” 或いは “×”ところに集まるんだったね。


とにかく、みんなにはとても関心したよ (特に長~い休み明けなのにブランクなくゲームができて)。多くの子供たちがレッスンの前から色々な動物たちの英語の名前を知っていたので僕はハッピーだったよ
僕は皆がこれらの動物たちのことを覚えて、自信をもって大きな声で動物の名前を呼べるように 将来またこれらの動物たちのことを話題にするよ。
次回まで、そして 覚えていてね      ※継続は力なり!



質問:これは何?(What is this?)


  • Panda パンダ
  • Elephant 像
  • Deer 鹿
  • Dog 犬
  • Monkey 猿
  • Gorilla ゴリラ



質問:こんにちはご機嫌いかが?(How are you?)


答え:I’m 〇〇〇〇 (私は 〇〇〇〇です)

  • Happy  幸せ ハッピー
  • Sad 悲しい
  • Angry 怒っている
  • Scared 怖い
  • Tired 疲れた 飽きた
  • Hungry 空腹
  • Thirsty 喉が渇いた


質問:今日の天気はどう?(How is the weather today?)


  • Sunny 晴れ
  • Rainy 雨
  • Windy 風が強い
  • Cloudy 曇り
  • Stormy 嵐




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