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Trick or treat!  トリック・オア・トリート!

Hello, everyone and Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a fun Halloween with your families.




Unfortunately, this Halloween I fell ill and could not celebrate as I was stuck in bed all day. So…. There was no chocolate or candy for me!

このハロウィーン、残念ながら ぼくは病気になってしまって、一日中ベッドでいたので祝うことができませんでした。 だからチョコレートとキャンディーはもらえなかったよ~ww


The good news though is that we did get the chance to have at least one English Halloween lesson at Choyo Kindergarten together!

いいニュースがあるんだよ、それはね、”朝陽幼稚園で少なくとも 1 回は英語のハロウィーンレッスンをできました!”


For this year’s Halloween Lesson, we went learned the basics of Halloween tradition, including some monsters and their names, candy and of course, how to: Trick or Treat!



My costume this year was a werewolf! I thought it was scary but apparently not as everyone laughed when they saw me….

今年の衣装は人狼でした! 怖いと思ったけど、そうじゃなかったみたいで、みんな笑っていたよ。。


Anyway! We started our lesson with a quick warmup and sang our hello song. It’s great to see that the kids can pretty much sing this song all by themselves now!

ともかく! 簡単なウォームアップして、ハローソングを歌いました。 今では、こどもたちがハローの歌を一人で歌えるらしい。ぼくをとても幸せです!


I asked each class: 1) What is your favorite monster? 2) What is the scariest monster?

This was a good gateway to introduce some of this vocabulary in English, providing translations as we progressed through the lesson.

It was also fun to hear the different answers too! Surprisingly, the scariest monster across the classes was…. Zombie!


1) あなたの好きなモンスターは何ですか?

2) 一番怖いモンスターは何ですか?

これは、この言葉のいくつかを英語で紹介するためのいい方法であり、進行中に翻訳をしました みんなが答えてくれているときに、僕は翻訳したよね。 色々な答えも聞けて楽しかったです! 驚いたことに、クラスでの一番怖いモンスターは。。 ゾンビでした!


Learning these new words was a lot of fun, but Trick or Treating was the star of the show (the best part)! The main goals in teaching the kids about Trick or Treating were speaking with a loud clear voice and using “Thank you”.




To simulate Trick or Treating, I created a “house” out of the tables in the class room and invited the kids to knock on the “door” and say Trick or treat!

The kids able to do so received a special sticker!


To simulate trick-or-treating, I built a “house” out of the classroom table and encouraged children to knock on the “door” and say “Trick-or-treat!”


To simulate trick-or-treating, I built a “house” out of the classroom table and encouraged children to knock on the “door” and say “trick-or-treat.”

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Try again




It was great to see everyone having fun which of course is one of the most important parts of these lessons.

I had a great time, but am also a little sad Halloween season is already over….




Up next: Christmas!



Thank you!


Sam Nightingale



Main lesson vocabulary メインレッスンの語彙


Vampire                    吸血鬼

Werewolf                                     人狼

Monster                     モンスター

Witch                          魔女

Skeleton                    骨格

Zombie                      ゾンビ

Ghost                          お化け






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